Ambrosia Mediterranean Diet

The evolutionary grain-free ultra-premium

Ambrosia Mediterranean Diet Series

AMBROSIA Mediterranean Diet, our new and evolutionary grain-free ultra-premium pet food series, based on the principles of Mediterranean nutrition is enriched with olive oil, the treasure of Mediterranean soil, a fine selection of herbs, fruits & vegetables, and is catered with a selection of fine animal ingredients.

It contains high amounts of fresh dehydrated and hydrolyzed meat, with >70% protein from animal ingredients. Each recipe is designed with the “same animal protein and fat source” to ensure the product is as hypoallergenic as possible, whereas the kibbles are small and specially designed to offer an easily digestible meal. This synthesis of ingredients delivers a flavour so unique that is worthy of its divine name and ancestral lineage.

AMBROSIA Mediterranean Diet is designed entirely in Greece and is manufactured in collaboration with the most reliable pet food factories in Europe, always with the strictest standards and raw material control of its creators, elevating pet nutrition at an even higher level. AMBROSIA Mediterranean Diet represents the Mediterranean approach to holistic pet nutrition.



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